Donnie Buie

Donnie Buie

Donnie Buie, an upbeat optimist, hails from Harrisburg, PA. He first came as a Winter Games athlete in 2012. Donnie lost total vision in his right eye to retinoblastoma when he was 4 and in his left eye when at 7. This is first year at the XMO experience.

As he boarded his flight in Baltimore for the three and half hour flight to Denver, he found his aisle seat. Seated next to him was a mom and her young son. She asked if Donnie would mind sitting in the window seat. “Oh no,” he said, “the view is much better by the window!”

Donnie’s a student at Harrisburg Area Community College earning top grades as he pursues a Social Services degree. “My freshman year was really tough,” Donnie said, “but — excuse the pun — it was an eye opening experience.” [Accented by his outgoing laughter.]

He plans to go to law school. “I want to be an advocate for battered kids.”

“So, what do you think of XMO events high in the snow of the Rocky Mountains?” “This place is the truth! I’m making new friends, learning new things and eat’n a lot of food!” says Donnie. “I want to come every year—if my education doesn’t get in the way!”

“I can’t wait to clock 90 on the snowmobile tomorrow! I’ve never driven anything before.”