Cortlinn is a student from the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. She’s a Florida gal to the core. So Colorado snow is bringing her new adventures as a first year athlete at Extreme Mobility Winter Camp.

One could hear her scream of glee as she raced down the tubing hill with snow plastering her face. “It was so cold! I couldn’t feel my face for an hour,” she giggled. “And I really like it!”

“It’s so cool getting to do all kinds of things I’d never have a chance to do if it were not for XMO!”

“Driving the snowmobile was amazing,” Cortlinn exclaimed. “I’ll never be able to drive a car and it’s so cool just to drive anything.”

“Many of the athletes at XMO come from homes who are afraid to let us do things, But at XMO the trainers encourage us — push us — to try new things. And we’re finding we can do more than even we thought we could do,” she said.

“Please tell the people who make Extreme Mobility possible thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to do things we could never do otherwise,” Cortlinn gushed.